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End-pumped laser marking machine

End-pumped laser marking machine

Introduction to end-pumped laser marking machine:
diode end-pump laser marking machine is our company uses the most advanced laser technology, directly from the end semiconductor pumping laser crystal (808nm) pumped laser-optical output. Laser-light conversion efficiency is greatly enhanced, can reach more than 45%, while pumping power is also reduced, make the chiller power had dropped significantly, power consumption decreases. End pump is better than side-pumped laser beam quality and high peak power.

advantages of end-pumped laser marking machine:
output laser spot is small, fine marking line, more suitable for some of the more sophisticated graphics and text markup.
good beam quality, high stability of output, marking a is easy to adjust the effect.
laser frequency, marking speed is faster.
machine performance is stable, small size, low power consumption.


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