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CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine description:
CO2 laser is a gas laser and its wavelength of 10.6 μ m, belongs to the infrared band of CO2 lasers high power and electro-optical conversion efficiency, is the power of a laser. Carbon dioxide laser with CO2 gas as working material. CO2 and other gas-filled discharge tubes, when high voltage on the electrodes, discharge generated glow discharge tube, you can enable the gas molecules releasing laser. Laser energy will be released after enlargement, laser processing can be carried out.

the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine:
high power laser power is controlled by software, adjustable low processing costs, marking of painted without any consumables, easy to wear, marking high cutting efficiency engraving depth control can adapt to a variety of products.
non-metallic and part of the metal can be carved. Widely used in leather clothing, buttons, glasses, gifts, electronics, food packaging, acrylic, fabric cutting, building ceramics, PCB, rubber products, shell nameplate marking cutting.



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