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High-end flat pneumatic marking machine

Products name: plane pneumatic playing standard machine high-end type
work principle: through put to print in the English, and digital, character, and graphics of content entered computer, computer playing standard software put content change digital control signal, transfer to controller, drive print needle in X-Y two dimension plane within by set of track movement, while print needle in compression air role under high frequency micro-impact movement, to in artifacts surface Shang print out by intensive lattice composition of concave shaped mark.
products features:
domestic first USB2.0 high-speed data interface, data faster, more stable;
used double column line bearing structure, no horizontal clearance, positioning more precision, and more free;
imports line guide, and step into motor, and electromagnetic valve, resistance wear, using life more long;
outside type design unique, can and abroad similar machine phase comparable;
circuit design meet international EMC test standard, system run more stable, Playing standard precision more high;
reserved PLC interface, accept upper machine control, more for Yu modern chemical plant automatically print system;
reserved I/O interface, can according to customer need installation automatically clip tight device, improve efficiency;
perfect of drawing edit, and on needle and the data check function;
completely meet IS09001-9002 quality system certification on products can identifies sex, and dates back sex of requirements.
typical application: all kinds of industrial parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, nameplates nameplate on the batch number, date, brand, model, VIN number BACK

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